A Meal for A Meal was launched in 2016 as the Romy Foods global food programme with the aim of helping defeat global hunger.

Our story started when Rickard Gillblad, Romy Foods CEO and founder came across a map showing how much food is wasted in Europe and the level of famine in Africa, country by country. Touched by the numbers, he thought that scratching off the food waste in Europe and supplying it to children in Africa would help solve the problem. With this in mind, the Romy Foods system was created.

Today, for every meal served worldwide through Romy Foods, we reduce food waste by approximately 180g which is the same amount of local food we buy back in Africa and serve as one meal. Hence, A Meal for A Meal.

Our Meal counter below provides a real-time update of the number of children benefiting from A Meal for A Meal.

Meal Count

Interview with Rickard Gillblad on The Malta Independent

Maltese Company Tackling African Famine One Meal at a Time.