Our first project in Italy: Pane Quotidiano

A collaboration with Roscio Gastronomica.

“Founded in Milan in 1898, Pane Quotidiano is a secular, apolitical, non-partisan and non-profit organization, whose primary objective is to ensure free of charge food to the poorest sections of the population every day, distributing food and comfort goods to anyone present at their offices and in need and vulnerability, without any kind of distinction.
The Association has pursued its mission for more than a century, above all thanks to the precious work and commitment of the volunteers and the generosity of companies that support it, through the donation of food or economic contributions. In addition, Pane Quotidiano also promotes and participates in projects in partnership with other associations, including City Angels, Humanitarian Society, Cooks without Barriers, Aldai – Lombardy Association of Industrial Company Managers.
Pane Quotidiano finances its activities thanks to donations from individuals and companies. Donations can be of an economic nature, or of food and comfort goods, such as clothes, shoes, toys, books, etc.”

Our first project in South Africa: Soup kitchen in Jacksonville

A collaboration with JC Soup kitchen in Jacksonville, South Africa.

“Food is a very powerful commodity in our world… and in our lives it has proven to be just that!

Firstly, it was the reason why we are able to help and feed so many people in Jacksonville, Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Secondly, it was the reason for great relationships and friendships. It is through FOOD that we were able to start a wonderful partnership with Romy Foods around a great meal at a 70th birthday party and ended in us working together to help feed those less fortunate.

We have been working in this area for the last 10 years and early on we realised that good nutrition was going to play a large role in fighting the common sicknesses in the area e.g. TB and HIV. Good food would prove to be good medicine, especially for the young children. We have been feeding about 300 people every Thursday for the last 10 years and through the wonderful partnership with Romy Foods, we have been able to increase our capacity and even expand our Feeding Program to include Tuesdays also. On Tuesdays, we able to feed about 40 kids on average before they start there afterschool classes with our volunteers. We believe that children learn better on a full stomach and this investment into the young will definitely see a positive impact on the future of such a disadvantaged community.”

Our first project with SOS Malta: 2,000 daily meals to children attending primary schools in Jinja, in the Buikwe District of Uganda

Our first project was launched in June 2016 in collaboration with SOS Malta, a leading NGO with decades of experience in assisting people around the world through projects of a social and charitable nature.

Through this initiative, Romy Foods is currently providing 2,000 daily meals to children attending primary schools in Jinja, in the Buikwe District of Uganda.

In line with Romy Foods’ global expansion, we strive to grow these numbers and A Meal for A Meal global food programme as more meals are sold worldwide through the Romy Foods System.