A Meal for A Meal

A Meal for A Meal reaches more school children in Uganda


Romy Foods® has expanded its global food programme, “A Meal for A Meal” to yet another school in Uganda. Together with leading Maltese NGO, SOS Malta, the expanded initiative provides meals to even more children in need in the country’s Masaka region.

Since June 2016, A Meal for A Meal has been instrumental in providing more than 2000 meals a day to children attending two primary schools in the region of Jinja, in the Buikwe District of Uganda. Now, with a third school being added, the global food programme expects to cater over 2,000,000 meals to almost 2500 children by the end of 2019. This initiative not only provides nutritious meals: it provides a way for disadvantaged children up to 8 years old to attend elementary school.

“Romy Foods have recognized that the sustainable growth of their business depends on total commitment to the CSR objectives in the company’s mission” said Claudia Taylor-East, CEO of SOS Malta, “A Meal for a Meal is an integral part of their every day work. SOS Malta is honoured and proud to be part of this CSR initiative and continue securing a better world for the children in Uganda.”

“After two very successful years, we are excited to have expanded our global food programme to a third school in Uganda,” said Rickard Gillblad, Founder & CEO, Romy Foods Corporation. “We are fully committed to reducing world hunger. Through A Meal for A Meal, we now provide almost 2500 children with a meal every single day and we are working diligently to expand the programme to new locations.”

A Meal for a Meal is a global food programme that provides meals to children in need. This effort was launched, and is maintained by Romy Foods Corporation, an international food network with its headquarters in Malta, that has reinvented the food chain by offering high quality, ready-made meals that reduce typical food waste up to 90% using the patented Torus Pak® technology. In turn, the savings created by the Romy Foods® system translate into healthy, locally-sourced meals for Ugandan children in need.


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