A Meal for a Meal is transforming a community


By providing meals to schoolchildren in impoverished communities, A Meal for a Meal supports more than just full bellies. Felix Lwanga, headmaster of the St. Charles Lwanga school in Africa, recently shared some lesser known benefits to providing meals to students, including improved morals, reduced illnesses and even new employment opportunities.

When meals are distributed to students through A Meal for a Meal, positive impacts ripple through the entire community. Lwanga explained that discipline and concentration have greatly improved among the students at St. Charles Lwanga as a result of the meal programme. 

Learning has been accelerated since the children are better able to focus on their studies. With the assurance of breakfast and lunch, students don’t have to worry about hunger dampening their attentiveness.

Photo courtesy of Headmaster Lwanga.

Lwanga also shared that since the food programme was initiated in the school, there have been ethical improvements to the students’ behavior. The children often resorted to trespassing into a neighboring garden to steal fruit to eat prior to the implementation of the programme, but now they have the assurance of a meal provided at school.

Stomach related illnesses have also dramatically decreased. Whereas before some pupils commonly carried containers of spoiled food to school, they now have access to fresh food. 

These benefits all overflow into the community by increasing the well-being, capacity and morality of the students, but there is also a more direct impact to the community. The Meal for a Meal programme has provided employment opportunities for people to cook and serve the meals to students. 

“This leads to an improved standard of living among the community members involved in such activities,” Lwanga said. “The food programme is a real blessing to the school and the community as a whole.

A Meal for a Meal is a global corporate social responsibility programme which provides meals to children in need. This initiative is supported by Romy Foods Corporation which is an international food network that is re-modelling the food chain by offering quality ready-made meals. Through frozen meals delivered in Torus Pak® technology, Romy Foods® has reduced food waste up to 90% and created a means of translating that waste into a meal for those in need: for every meal sold by the company, one is provided to an underprivileged child.

Photo courtesy of Headmaster Lwanga.


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